Blues Debut launches its streaming Internet blues radio station and website (; answering the question posed by blues fans: “Where can I hear what’s new in blues?” the station provides 24/7, commercial-free access to the latest releases by established and emerging blues artists. Located in Larkspur, CO, and capitalizing on the worldwide reach of the web, Blues Debut is guided by two principles: Only the latest release from any one artist is played and the tracks played are prioritized by release date, not by artist name or reputation.

Because Blues Debut constantly adds newly released CDs and avoids repeats, the mix is different every time a listener returns.

Complementing the audio stream, the website will continue to evolve and serve the global blues community, recognizing that everyone wants to help the blues thrive. It’s probably the oldest blues truism, “if you’re gonna play the blues, you gotta pay your dues”, so Blues Debut proudly pays its royalties and performance fees to the various collecting organizations. Give us a good Likin’ at Facebook and Follow us on Twitter