For thirty-four years, The Blues Foundation has celebrated and recognized established blues artists through the Blues Music Awards. For twenty-nine years, The Blues Foundation has encouraged future blues performers through the International Blues Challenge. The Best Self-Produced CD was established in 2005 to recognize excellence in independent Blues recordings.

CIBS is now accepting submissions for this competition.  In the event that more than one submission is received, CIBS will work with other affiliates in order to get as many submissions selected for entry to the Blues Foundation as is possible.  (Last year all 3 submissions were entered – Bob Pace & the Dangerous Band by CIBS, The Blue Band by Southeast Iowa & the Rock Island Rollers by the Skunk.)  Deadline for submission to CIBS is noon on Saturday, October 10, 2015. (Meaning it needs to be in the P.O. Box or in the hands of a CIBS Board member by then!)  Late submissions will not be considered, so don’t delay!


Best Self-Produced CD Official Rules:

* Entries for the Best Self-Produced CD are permitted by affiliated blues societies only.
* Each affiliate is permitted one entry.
* The CD entered does not have to be performed by the band entered in the 2015 International Blues Challenge.
* Compilations are not eligible.
* The eligibility period is the same as for the Blues Music Awards-the CD must have been released during November 1, 2014 – October 31, 2015 time frame.
* If an affiliate does not conduct a competition to determine who it will sponsor but instead appoints a CD, that CD may not include a board member or officer.
* A performer who has previously been nominated for a Blues Music Award (formerly the W.C. Handy Blues Award) shall not be eligible for this competition. A CD issued in the name of an otherwise eligible performer which also includes the contributions of a Blues Music Award nominee may be ineligible, depending on the extent of the contribution.
*A CD on a record label that has been previously nominated for a Blues Music Award (formerly the W.C. Handy Blues Award) shall not be eligible for this competition.
* Recordings with established or “known” producers within the industry are eligible as long as the recording is on the artist’s independent label and NOT on an established blues label.
* Singer, band, society or local producer may produce the actual CD as long as the performer is a singer, band or other individual entity.
* Judging will be in three stages. There will be two rounds of judging by radio/print people leading to the final judging.
The affiliate is responsible for ensuring that their submission complies with these rules. If you have any doubts or questions, contact the Foundation office.

Judges will evaluate the following points. The criteria are in order of importance.
(1) Blues Content (is this a Blues Music recording)
(2) Musical Performance (Musicianship)
(3) Audio Quality of the Presentation (Production Values, Levels)
(4) Cover Art and Design (Professional Packaging, Ready for the rack at your favorite music outlet?)
(5) Credits and Liner Information. (Informative, Professional)

Affiliates (only) must submit 4 copies of their selection to The Blues Foundation office.  Submissions MUST be in the Blues Foundation office by November 1, 2015

The finalists will be announced prior to IBC weekend. Music professionals will judge the finalists and the winner will be announced at the IBC finals. Finalists are NOT required to attend IBC.

The CDs honored to date are:

2005 – Crazy, Cryin’ Blues by Robin Rogers and Silver Bird by Collard Greens & Gravy (tie)
2006 – Back in Bluesville by Roxy Perry
2007 –  We are Mighty Lester by Mighty Lester Band
2008 – Sophisticated Ladies by Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra
2009 – Hollerin’ by Nathan James & Ben Hernandez
2010 – Crime Scene Queen by The Informants and Fire it Up! by Laurie Morvan Band (tie)
2011 – Get Inside This House by Joe McMurrian (Cascade Blues Association)
2012 – Where I’m Coming From… by Dave Keller (Rhode Island Rhythm and Blues Preservation Society)
2013 – Solo Recordings by Steve Hill (Montreal Blues Society)
2014 – Account to Me, by Hank Mowery (West Michigan Blues Society)